Original photo print under matte acrylic glass – impressive depth with no reflections

Do you want your gallery-quality work under acrylic glass, but without unwanted reflections? The original photo print under matte acrylic glass offers exactly that. Whatever the lighting, whatever the viewing angle, the matte glass ensures your image has remarkable colour, depth, and luminosity. To ensure the best results, we set your image onto Fuji Crystal DP II, the highest quality photo paper for gallery prints. Thanks to the sturdy aluminum Dibond backing and the integrated WhiteWall hanging system, you can hang your photo on the wall easily and securely.




The surface: Matte acrylic glass ensures brilliance and prevents reflections

The matte surface of the premium, brand-name acrylic glass absorbs the reflections often caused by glossy surfaces. You no longer have to worry about finding the perfect lighting for your work. All the advantages of an acrylic glass mounting remain: the impressive depth effect, the clear details, and the bright colours. Even fans of black-and-white images and portraits have been won over by this presentation. Acrylic glass is also much more robust than traditional glass and offers your photos natural protection from UV rays.


The base: Stylish aluminium Dibond offers maximum stability

Your original photo print will be mounted on a 3 mm thick aluminium Dibond backing. We will then use elastic silicone to seal the mounted image behind the pane of matte acrylic glass. The solid aluminium Dibond composite material, comprising two razor-thin, platinum-white aluminium sheets and a polyethylene core, is extremely stable and prevents your image from losing shape. The base is also extremely light, allowing you to hang large formats on the wall easily and securely.


The photo print: High-end photo paper from Fuji, Durst Lambda exposure

Your image will be set onto Fuji Crystal DP II paper using the renowned Durst Lambda laser exposure system, and will then be traditionally developed using photo chemicals. Crystal DP II is Fujicolor’s highest quality photo paper for gallery prints, boasting an extremely broad colour spectrum and retaining its brilliance for at least 75 years.


For medium and large formats: Aluminium rails

We affix an aluminium rail to the back of medium and large formats. It is not visible from the front, meaning your picture will have the appearance of floating 1 cm from the wall. We mount this hanging system to your work prior to shipping.


 Cylindrical spacers

The stainless-steel wall spacers can come pre-mounted to any artwork and come with wall-mounting cylinders. The spacers attach to the wall-mounted cylinders behind the work, creating a clean, minimal look. This style is especially popular for company nameplates seeking a modern look. They are available in two thicknesses and require self-assembly. When adjusting and cropping your picture, please be aware of the placement of the wall-fixings so you do not lose any important details in your artwork. If the longer edge is shorter than 100 cm, the distance from the edge of the picture to the wall-fixing will be 2.5 cm. If the edge measures more than 100 cm, the distance will be 3 cm.