Bernard Dupuis Has Been Producing Aerial Images in Canada for Over 30 Years


About Bernard Dupuis

Bernard Dupuis has been taking aerial photographs since the early 80’s. He specializes in Site-Specific Real Estate Property Images and most are taken to support those involved in the Real Estate industry, such as Brokers, property owners, and developers. He often works for Municipalities to determine the ‘up-to-date’ conditions of a particular site and its surrounding neighborhood.

Bernard’s twenty years of experience in the Commercial Real Estate brokerage business have given him a keen eye for photographing properties in the best way for marketing purposes. The different aircraft altitudes, the times of day, and the orientation of his approach provide the finest possible images to promote his subjects. Bernard says it’s a good feeling when “you know you have what you need."

Bernard Dupuis and Latitude Image


bernard-portrait.jpgBernard and Latitude Image are working together to organize what will be the most extensive Aerial Image Stock from Canada.

Bernard's Image Stock goes back 30 years and covers the most important cities in Canada.