Classic frames for your photo

Frames have been used, especially for decorative purposes, for over 500 years and support the message of a picture. They also always serve to protect a work and keep it stable. Aesthetics and pragmatics aren't mutually exclusive. Whether classic, playful, elegant or object-focussed - you'll be sure to find the right frame at WhiteWall. The eyelets for your preferred hanging, either landscape or portrait, are included. Depending on the product you select, the format and availability, there is a possibility that not every frame will be available to order with your product.



The WhiteWall classic - a frame made of high-quality solid wood with simple moulding supports the clearness of your image without euphemisms. In addition to landscapes and city views, the solid wood frame with a flat profile is also suited to colour photography or portraits. The frame is produced in Germany from solid wood and is available with a profile width of 40 mm. The frame comes in Black.



Our solid wood, rounded frame profile provides more playfulness when presenting your image. In addition to color photography, the solid wood frame with a rounded-off profile is also especially suited to portraits and still-lifes. The frame comes with a 50 mm profile width. The solid wood frame is available in black.




Modern classic - at WhiteWall that is not an oxymoron. The strong shape of this solid wood frame, richly linear, harks back to the bold steel constructions of the Chicago School at the end of the 19th Century. In particular, architectural photos and geometric pictures benefit from this clarity without appearing undecorated. This black frame option is available for your work with a profile width of 53 mm.