The WhiteWall classic - a frame made of high-quality solid wood with simple moulding supports the clearness of your image without euphemisms. In addition to landscapes and city views, the solid wood frame with a flat profile is also suited to colour photography or portraits. The frame is produced in Germany from solid wood and is available with a profile width of 40 mm. It comes in black.


Our solid wood, rounded frame profile provides more playfulness when presenting your image. In addition to colour photography, the solid wood frame with a rounded-off profile is also especially suited to portraits and still-lifes. You can with a 50 mm profile width. The solid wood frame is available in black.




Aluminum ArtBox

Clear lines and a pronounced appearance – the aluminum ArtBox surrounds your photo with a thin gap and reveals just a thin edge of the frame’s material when viewed from the front. Attention becomes focused on the image, which is lifted in front of the wall. The profile depth for your ArtBox: a striking 50 mm. The metal is modern and puristic, particularly apt for underscoring the effect of technical or architectural images. Minimum size: 20x20 cm Maximum size: 200x120 cm

Solid Wood ArtBox

A solid wood ArtBox does not have the shadow gap between the frame and your picture; it makes its mark through a combination of classic material, modern style, and an emphatic profile depth of 35 mm. To ensure maximum durability, the corners are double reinforced with metal braces. It comes in dark brown. Viewed from the front, only the 4 mm profile width is visible, making it an unobtrusive frame for your image. The special effect of a solid wood ArtBox comes from the combination of the understated border with the frame’s impressive depth. Minimum size: 15x15 cm Maximum size: 180x120 cm