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Naturimages is working with some of the best aerial photographers in France

About Naturimages

Naturimages is a french Stock Agency specializing in Nature and Rural Environments. The Image Stock also includes sustainable development, ecological housing and rural scenes depicting leisure and sport activities. The team comes from a distinct Scientific and Naturalistic background enabling the agency to take editorial assignments delivering full stories on specialized subjects. For more information click HERE

Naturimages and Latitude Image


Naturimages has several French aerial photographers contributing to their agency. As a means to promote these in a more focused manner we have joined forces to create these special galleries for France. As a result we are proud to present the work of Laurent Solomon.

Laurent uses  a powered paraglider and has done some extensive work around Bretagne, Pays de la Loire and Poitou Charentes. Laurent has a preference for working at sunset and dawn which, although challenging, contributes to achieving very unique landscapes.