Rob Huntley

Rob Huntley Specializes in Kite Aerial Photography


About Rob Huntley

Rob Huntley operates from Ottawa, Canada. Although a professional Photographer for many years it was in 2008 he began his photographic adventure with Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). KAP provides the opportunity to obtain low-altitude aerial photographs that cannot be achieved shooting from an aircraft. Thus, KAP makes the images obtained unique.

KAP requires technique and experience. Overpowering winds, cold temperatures and the lack of hands-on-camera control of composition and other variables make this way of capturing images challenging. With kite aerial photography, new perspectives on subjects and scenes that you have lived beside most of your life are suddenly made visible by launching the camera to new vantage points otherwise unavailable. Check out his galleries HERE. You can read more about Rob Huntley HERE

Rob Huntley and Latitude Image


huntley-portrait.jpgRob Huntley and Latitude Image are creating a new set of KAP which are covering countries like Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Given Rob’s extensive traveling schedule we will be able to present many exciting takes from different parts of the world.