Our Structure: Keywording guides you to what you need.

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Latitude Image offers a great variety of aerial photos from all over Europe, Australia, and the Americas. The images have been divided geographically into countries, regions or official administrative division, and cities. This enables you to browse in our geographical galleries in all four levels. If you are searching for photos from Madrid, for example, you simply click on ‘Spain’ on the Galleries page. The next screen will display the regions of Spain and there you will click on ‘Comunidad de Madrid’ and on the next page ‘Madrid’ itself. Here you will have access to all of our online images of Madrid.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, we suggest that you use the Search box at the top right of the page. Enter only the name of the place or, alternatively, combine with other words separated by commas (for example, "duomo, florence" or "business district, London") for a more particular approach.

If have trouble finding what you are looking for, please contact us and we will have one of our image researchers assist you in finding the right picture.

Keywording is a way of capturing the essence of an image. This allows for a systematic approach to classifying and organizing a large amount of photos, ultimately making it easier for people to find what they want. Latitude Image has spent a lot of time capturing the most relevant, accurate, and concrete words for each image in our galleries to ensure the best results.

Our keywording structure is based on a controlled vocabulary comprised of approximately 10,000 keywords. All of our images have been tagged geographically and according to their association with the following main categories: urban landscape, suburban landscape, rural landscape, farmscape, industrial landscape, seascape and/or transportation.

Moreover, if you are looking for artistic or creative pictures, we encourage you to use the following keywords: geometry, color, texture, pattern, symmetry. These, combined with a geographical location, could offer you a collection of images which capture a regional flavor and feeling. Or, combine an artistic keyword with one of the main categories and discover images offering an unparalleled vista of nature’s landscapes.

Some examples of our keywording:

  • Basilica di San Pietro in Rome; Catholic, Europe, Holy See, Italian, Italy, Latium, Lazio, Mediterranean, Roma, Rome, State of the Vatican City, Vatican City, aerial, aerial view, aerials, architectural, architecture, building, cathedral, church, city, city center, city centre, historic center, human, human being, human beings, humans, land, oblique, old town, people, person, perspective, place of worship, religion, religious building, structures, urban landscape.
  • The refinery in Gela, Sicily; Europe, Gela, Italian, Italy, Mediterranean, Sicily, aerial, aerial view, aerials, business, capitalism, commerce, enterprise, industrial area, industry, land, mercantilism, oblique, perspective, refinery, trade, urban landscape.