TAVISA offers the largest collection of aerial images over Catalonia


Jordi Todó joins Latitude Image with 25 years of experience in aerial photography.  He has worked as the lead photographer and manager of the aerial photography division of TAVISA, a company specializing in aerial photography and advertising. He began his career in different post-production and organizational tasks at the company and, over time, began amassing an impressive aerial photography collection.  TAVISA, which started 25 years ago by one of Javi’s friends, turned into a lifelong gig for him and has since become one of a few companies in Spain to have the necessary license to fly over Barcelona for aerial photography. 

Jordi spends his days flying over the Spanish region in a Piper PA-18 with a pilot with whom he has worked for nearly the entire length of his 25 year-long career.  In his partnership with Latitude Image, Jordi brings together the largest aerial collection of Barcelona online. Check out his portfolio HERE!

JT-54-465-web.jpg colonv470-web.jpg

jordi.jpgJordi Todó has accumulated nearly 60,000 images over Spain with a special focus in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

It is both through this existing library and the continuous flow of new images that we are product to present the "Jordi Todó Aerial Collection".