Brett Price

Melbourne, Australia

Brett’s award-winning work challenges our preconceptions of his native country, showing us that “down under” is nothing less than “over and above.” 

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Andrew Buchanan

Seattle, Washington USA

Andrew’s eye for geometry is as sharp as the tip on Seattle’s Space Needle, elevating our view of his home town’s corners and curves into an architecture all its own.

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Dave Cleaveland

Scarborough, Maine USA

Maverick, machine, magician. Certainly a madman for photography, Dave is amassing the most prolific online portfolio of New England aerial photography ever seen. 

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Steve Brockett

Wales, United Kingdom

Imagine, if you will, a painter suspended from a paraglider, his camera a brush, and an endless canvas of countryside laid out before him. Now meet Steve Brockett. 

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Nicolas Chorier


Nicolas and his custom-designed kite swoop past signs restricting other aircraft, and open the door (and our minds) to a hidden India. 

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Xavier Duran

Ibiza, Spain

Shattering assumptions that Ibiza is only for the partiers, Xavier’s work captures the island’s natural wonders that glitter without the aid of any disco balls.  

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Colin Bailie

Donaghadee, Northern Ireland (UK)

Armed with a camera and a love for his heritage, Colin Bailie is renowned for the stunning images he captures of his homeland.  

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Victor Elias

Los Angeles, California USA

Harnessing the light and color found only in Mexico’s coastlines, Victor transmits the life pulsing through the veins of his oft-overlooked native country. 

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Bram Van de Biezen

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


In his 20 years of experience, Bram has been at the front lines of breaking news stories, presenting his native Netherlands through a clear lens and a sharp focus. 

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Rob Huntley

Ottawa, Canada

Rob fights winds, battles low temperatures, and relinquishes hands-on control to capture his home country from the wings of a kite. 

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Jon Van de Grift

Denver, Colorado

Climbing 2500-meter summits, Jon literally steps right into the center of some of the world’s most dangerous storms to show us Mother Nature in motion.  

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Jordi Todó

Barcelona, Spain

Jordi has stared down the bull that is Spain and come out the victor: a 25-year-long career, over 60,000 images in his collection, and an unstoppable energy for his art. 

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Laurent Solomon

Paris, France

Laurent discovers France anew every time he flies, revealing the graphic wonder visible only by a change in altitude, and the artistry with which the light bathes his native land. 

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Ofir Ben Tov

Israel, Middle East

Ofir Ben Tov has clocked over 3,000 hours in-flight, performing duties which include acute photography and observation. He bought his first camera at the age of 14 and has been behind the lens ever since. 

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Diego Cuasante

Burgos, Spain

Diego has a preference to work in remote regions like Patagonia and Iceland, where he resorts to mountain climbing to obtain aerial views of high altitude landscapes. 

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Bernard Dupuis

Burlington, Canada

Before the days of digital photography, camera screens, and memory cards, Bernard was braving the skies with a manual camera, rolls of film, and a prayer that he’d capture that one great shot. 

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Serguei Fomine

Tatarstan, Russia

Serguei has dedicated over 10 years to produce “Russia From Above”. The project comprises over 30 regions in Russia making it one of a kind. 

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